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Proudly Designed in the U.S.A.

Technology that is meant for the individual should be designed with them in mind. Listening to customer feedback, testing new models, and sourcing the best materials helps us create innovative experiences and turn customers into partners in creation.

Exceptional Purchase Protection

We thought we could do better by offering innovative products at better price point with a ease of purchase and service. Then we did.

We also believe in connecting with customers to design products they want. We actively seek feedback to keep our quality and standards high.

Local Customer Support

We provide in-time, exceptional customer service based in Houston, Texas. Reach out and receive a response from a real human being. We're offering the benefits of technology in a human way. We don't innovate in a vacuum, we care about what our customers say and feel so that we can continually refine our designs to develop the best products.

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Worldlink Supply Inc. was founded in 2012 with the goal of contributing to the global trend of smart innovation.

We began with the desire to provide smart, family-friendly health equipment at an affordable cost. We choose products with sleek appearance, user-friendly operation, and precise performance that designed to suit the 21st Century lifestyle. We take pride in our design and our service structure that always puts the customer first.

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